"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."- Rumi

I began my lifelong journey of understanding the intersection of food, nutrition and neurology after healing myself from decades of autoimmune disease and healing my son from an early phase of the disease.  For many years I was told that my genetics was the reason for my disease and I had no option but to live with it.  But when my son suffered a MRSA infection, was subsequently treated with rounds of powerful antibiotics that affected his neurological development and physiology, we began experimenting with dietary changes to help him.  In solidarity, I changed my diet and was shocked that I was able to cure my ulcerative colitis, which I had suffered with for 24 years. When I went over the results of our food experiment with my doctor of 15 years, he simply said, keep doing what you're doing.  We learned which foods caused autoimmune reactions in each of us and then we were able to begin the healing process.  

A passion for food, healing, and our environment got me excited.  A sense of purpose and commitment lead me to teach and help others empower themselves to take control of their health. I am a certified nutritional therapy consultant, holistic health coach and yoga instructor.  I am also a mother, advocate and lifelong student of integrative health.  With a skillful mix of insight and analysis, I work with clients to uncover what is at the root of their physical or neurological dysfunction or pain.

Through my yoga practice I discovered firsthand the benefits of movement, breath and meditation along with a clean diet for making real and lasting changes in my own physiology and neurology.  This set me on a course of deeper understanding and continuing education.  Through years of research, nutrition education programs, cooking and learning from many teachers and mentors, I have found ways to help others who suffer from digestive problems, autoimmune disease and other health problems. 

Prior to my studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Nutritional Therapy Association, I was a practicing attorney, political fundraiser and activist.  My background as a professional problem solver, researcher and advocate helps me to see obstacles from all angles and thoroughly analyze complex problems.  I inspire clients to create strategies that best help them reach their personal goals and guide them toward a healthier, attainable lifestyle .   


I highly recommend Lisa Gilinsky to anyone who has put their personal health and happiness on the back burner for too long.   Lisa has the heart of a healer mixed with the astute intelligence of a seasoned professional.  When I was overwhelmed and felt my health and personal life were spiraling out of control, Lisa helped me create a personal path to wellness.  Her nutritional advice was attainable with easy to execute recipes and supplements.  She guided me to the right exercise regimen and spiritual balancing for my body and personal beliefs.  I felt a difference in my energy, emotional balance and sleep patterns after just a few weeks of following her advice.

- Nicole C.  Brooklyn, NY